World Smile Day 2020 Quotes & Wishes
The smile makes a person beautiful, it is a common saying and it holds absolutely true for all people. However, in today’s modern and materialistic world, we become very conscious of our smiles and the way our teeth looks. Dentistry has grown as an industry due to the modern lifestyles we live in. This World Smile Day, let us embrace our smiles as a natural form of beauty. 

Share a beautiful quote or a warm image with your friends and family on this world smile day. Choose from our list of fantastic wishes below brought to you by wishtastic

Date2nd October


World Smile Day was created by Mr. Harvey Ball, who invented the smiley ball which was a little yellow stress-buster ball with a smiley face on it.

It became a big hit back in the 2000s and the same was used on t-shirts, mugs, bags and all kinds of merchandise. 

World Smile Day Quotes

You can choose to share a beautiful quote on smiles this world smile day to make people happy by spreading positive vibes.

A smile is the best attire you can wear, it transforms the way you look, happy world smile day.

A smile is contagious, it can make a person’s problems disappear for a few moments, happy world smile day.

Smiles are somethings you can share with others that do not take much effort, happy world smile day.

A smile relieves stress and boost positivity, you should try it sometimes, happy world smile day.

A smile is a universal language which knows no boundaries, happy world smile day.

Make it a point to make someone smile a day, and you’ll see your friends grow by the multitude, happy world smile day.

A smile is a symbol of peace and harmony, happy world smile day.

Life is too short to be grumpy, smile more and stay positive, happy world smile day.

Smile and spread positivity and make life more vibrant, happy world smile day.

Smile is the way to transform lives, never under-estimate it, happy world smile day.

World Smile Day Wishes

Today is your day to make a difference, start with a big smile, happy world smile day.

Look at yourself in the mirror and smile, you will notice the self-confidence, happy world smile day.

Begin every day by beginning thankful and start off with a smile, happy world smile day.

happy world smile day from all of us, have a fantastic day.

happy world smile day, your smile means the most to me.

A smile can reduce anxiety, boost confidence and make you feel more enthusiastic, so remember to smile this world smile day.

Smile is a cure for someone’s sadness, even is its just a moment, happy world smile day, make a difference today.

A smile is a universal language socially acceptable by all, happy world smile day.

Happy world smile day, may you have many more reasons to smile and make the world a brighter place.

Happy world smile day, your smile is something I look forward to everyday.

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