World Peace Day: It is true when people say no one ever wins in a war. Loved ones are lost on both sides and destruction all around only adds to the grieving. It not only affects livelihood and nature, but affects the heart, mind and soul. However, peace does wonder towards building relations and brings health to the soul, mind and body. This International Peace Day, let us share the harmony and unity between all people.

World Peace Day 2020 Date

Date21st September

About World Peace Day 

Peace Day is observed around the globe annually. It is a day dedicated towards spreading awareness of the importance of global peace and respecting different cultures.

International Day of Peace was established in the year 1981 by the United Nations resolution to create and work on a culture of peace between all human beings.

Peace Day Quotes

Here are a few world peace day quotes which you can share with your friends and family to remind them the importance of peace, unity and harmony.  

Happy World Peace Day, let us embrace unity in diversity and different cultures, languages and religions.

This special day, let us learn to become peaceful and be compassionate with one another.

Nothing ever good comes out of anger, hate and revenge, the best is to be peaceful, positive and calm, Happy World Peace Day.

Peace is important for each person to maintain their integrity and keep relations alive, let us strive to be peaceful this Day.

This International Day of World Peace, let us remember the tragedy that takes place due to war and hatred and vow never to act in spite.

Let us unite and stay peaceful to make decisions collectively based on the interest of all, happy world peace day.

Let us always strive to put our differences aside and work together for the betterment of each other.

This International Peace day, may we remember the heroes who brought peace and unity to our country with their good nature and peaceful attitude.

Only with the right attitude, mindset and calm heart can good decisions and works take place.

This special day, let us unite and forgive each other of our iniquities and strive for goodness.

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May we be quick to forgive, slow to judge and happy to help, but most of all let us work together to build peace and understanding, happy International peace day.

Happy International Peace Day, let us be peaceful with each other and care for one another selflessly.

Let us remember we are human and set aside our caste, culture and religion this special day.

Peace be with you and all your family too, may peace fill your heart and keep you at ease.

Happy International Peace Day from our home to yours, have a great day.

World Peace Day Images

You can choose from our list of well-designed world peace day posters which you can print, share on social media, WhatsApp and other platforms to spread the message of peace.


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