World Heart Day 2020 Wishes & Images
World Heart Day is a day dedicated to raise awareness of cardiovascular diseases which also includes the disease of the heart and strokes that is claiming lives. Each one of us knows at least one person who is or was a heart patient.

This World Heart Day, let us spread awareness on how important it is to stay healthy in order to prevent heart diseases. You can do this by raising awareness on social media, choose a quote or image from our list below so that you can share and begin the awareness spread today. 

World Heart Day 2020 Date

Date29th September


Cardiovascular disease is the number one disease that kills most people across the globe. To raise awareness on the severity of the situation World Heart Federation dedicated a day in 2012 called World Heart Day to inform people the importance of maintaining good health. 

World heart day is celebrated internationally by families, communities and individuals. The aim is to educate people that by controlling risk factors including tobacco use, unhealthy diet and physical inactivity, premature deaths relating to heart attacks and strokes can be avoided.

World Heart Day Wishes

Let us join together on this special day to do our bit to raise awareness on heart health. Below are a few world heart day wishes and slogans you can use to share on a variety of platforms.

You only got one life and one heart, live responsibly, happy world heart day.

Your heart matters to your health and vice versa, do your bit to stay healthy, happy world heart day.

This world heart day, let us vow to never take our health for granted by exercising regularly, eating healthy and quitting bad habits.

This world heart day, let us care for the people around us by spreading awareness on the importance of good health.

Good health means good heart, do your bit to stay healthy and alive, happy world heart day.

I care about you and the health of your heart, let us work together to live a better life this world heart day.

Take care of your heart, it is precious and a vital organ. Happy world heart day.

This world heart day, pump up the knowledge required for a healthy heart by spreading awareness.

This special day, protect your heart and the hearts of your loved ones.

Give your heart the promise of care and love this heart day.

World Heart Day Images

You can also choose to share world heart day images that are beautifully designed to attract attention and spread awareness. 

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World Heart Day Images
World Heart Day Images
World Heart Day Images

Because each heart matters to us, we ask you to care for your health, happy world heart day.

Eat well, exercise well and stay hail and hearty this world heart day.

This world heart day, fill it with the right foods, move it with exercise and care for it with love.

Let us together prevent the risk of the disease killing us, let us take an oath to live healthy to have a healthy heart.

This Heart Day, let us ditch the bad habits that are hurting our hearts and pick up the good ones that will restore us.

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