World Food Day 2020 Images & Quotes
Are you a total foodie with an endless appetite for good food and huge meals? Well, there is one particular day I’m sure you would love and it’s none other than World Food Day! Sample a variety of dishes as several restaurants all over the world have offers on Food Day.

If you are a foodie and share the same passion for food with your friends and family, share a World Food Day image or quote to brighten their day. And maybe later you, your friends and family can grab a grub together.

World Food Day 2020

Date16th October


World Food Day is celebrated every year in the month of October to honour the founding day of the Food and Agricultural Organization by the United Nations.

The annual festival causes many restaurants, delis, pubs and food joints to have offers on their food items to encourage people to celebrate their love for food this special day.

World Food Day Images

Here are a few well designed International Food Day posters you can share as your WhatsApp status, share with your friends on social media or post on your feed and story. 

World Food Day Quotes

Check out some of our World Food Day quotes you can use to share with your near and dear foodie friends and family this International Food Day

This world food day, enjoy your favourite meal with your special foodie and build a bond over something you both enjoy.

Let’s celebrate good food this world food day, cheers and happy eating.

This world food day, let us enjoy a good meal and be thankful for what we have.

Count your daily meals as blessings, there are thousands who will go to sleep hungry tonight, happy world food day.

Share a meal with those who are less fortunate, your act of kindness will be remembered, happy world food day.

Our actions determine our health and the health of others. Let us strive to eat healthy and share a meal with the less fortunate, happy world food day.

Let’s strive to eat healthy so that we can live healthy, happy world food day.

Let us appreciate all the farmers who worked hard to yield the crop that made this meal. Happy world food day.

Let’s work together to end world hunger this world food day, there is plenty of resources if shared equally without greed.

Let us reduce malnutrition by sharing a meal with the hungry this world food day.

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