World Computer Literacy Day 2020 Images & Quotes:
The computer plays an integral part in our day to day lives. In the modern and fast-paced world, we live in, life is unimaginable without a computer. But unfortunately, there are people all over the world who are less fortunate than us. They do not know how to even switch on a computer. 

This Computer Literacy Day let us spread awareness on the importance of computer education among all people of all ages as it is essential in a world where we live in.

World Computer Literacy Day 2020 Date

Date2nd December

About Computer Literacy Day

This remarkable day dedicated to World Computer Literacy is celebrated yearly. It was launched by NIIT, the renowned Indian computer company known globally.

This day was dedicated after a research suggested that computers were used mostly by men in the year 2001 which was a great cause of concern due to the modernization of the world.

This day is annually celebrated to raise awareness on the need to educate people in the backward communities how to use a computer which is a basic need in today’s world.

World Computer Literacy Day Images

Check out some of our world computer literacy day posters which you can share on a variety of platforms to bring about awareness and attention to those who are in much need of the basic educational right.

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World Computer Literacy Day Quotes

If you would prefer, we have curated a list of quotes based on world computer literacy day you can share as messages to those around you. Check them out below.

If you are reading and able to access this right now, consider yourself lucky. There are many who don’t have access to such devices. happy computer literacy day.


Let us recognize the flaws in education and vow to improve it by raising awareness.

May this computer literacy day bring about a change in the way education is carried out in rural areas.

We are moving into a modern world many who are not equipped for it, let us help them through it this computer literacy day.

May this computer literacy day bring about quality education for all people across all sectors of society.

Education is a right and so is computer education. May this computer literacy day help us raise awareness on the need for this basic right.

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Computer literacy is the education required in order to progress and embrace the future. Let us acknowledge this and make the much-needed change this computer literacy day.

Computer literacy day is the day you and I can make a difference by increasing the knowledge around our community about the importance of computer literacy.

Let us remember never to take our education for granted, there are many who wish they had the opportunity to learn and use a computer.

May this day be a day for the transformation of mind and computer education opportunities for all, happy computer literacy day.

This computer literacy day is a good day to teach someone the value of knowing the need of computer education.

Let this day spark hope as we urge educational institutes to allow children to discover and explore computer gadgets.

May this be a day of acknowledgment that computers are essential to people of all ages, and basic computer education is a must.

A computer has evolved and grown over the years and so should we. Let us acknowledge its versatility and its usefulness this computer literacy day.

Digital is the future let us embrace it and move forward together this computer literacy day.

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