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Halloween is rather a spooking festival and is not for the faint of heart, after all it is the festival of evil spirits and horrid deaths. The festival celebrated at the end of October every year sounds tame and fun, getting candy from neighbours, socializing at parties and scaring people. 

Before we move on to the Happy Halloween images, wishes & gifs section let us learn some more about Halloween, check them below.

Halloween 2020 Date

Date31st October

Unknown Fact of Halloween

  • Leave candy treats for hungry spirits
    The celts believe that during Halloween the ghosts of the dead roam around in search of treats to satisfy their hunger, hence, people leave candy and all sorts of treats outside their house for them.
  • A very very old festival
    It is believed that Halloween was celebrated for over 6000 years, making it one of the oldest festivals to ever be celebrated till this date
  • Witches
    Witches and sorcery were condemned and burnt by Americans in the 17-19th century. They say some still exist today and they expose themselves during Halloween when people are all dressed up in spooky costumes.
  • Dressing up for disguise and not for fun
    People dressed up as ghosts and other haunting creatures to allow the ghosts and the dreaded evil to roam around freely on Halloween, giving them one day every year of freedom.
  • Jack O’Lanterns
    According to a popular legend, Jack O’Lanterns are named after a stingy man named Jack who tricked the devil several times and therefore was forbidden entrance into both heaven and hell. He was condemned to roam the world and you can recognize him as he waves his lantern.

We do hope these spooks have made you realize that Halloween was not all that it is set out to be, continue reading for happy Halloween images, wishes & gifs below.

Happy Halloween Images 

Spread some spooktacular cheer this Halloween with these scary-good images with your friends and family to make them smile and feel warm. Check out below our Halloween images which can be used as wallpapers and posters.

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Happy Halloween Images

Happy Halloween Images

Halloween Wishes

You could choose to share Halloween wishes on social media as a caption, use it as a status or write a card to a loved one using a few of our wishes below.

Happy Halloween my little one, have a solid good cheer trick or treat and eat extra candy for more.

Have a spooktacular Halloween scaring everyone in town, may you get more candy and win some more friends.

Happy Halloween, enjoy some good scares and brew up tonnes of happiness.

Happy Halloween, may you have the most ridiculously scary costume and get the most candy.

May this Halloween be the best as you dress to kill, have a spooktacular day.

Happy Halloween,  don’t forget to sleep with the light on tonight so that ghosts don’t haunt you.

Happy Halloween, may this one be a the greatest one yet.

May your bring home bags full of candy and cheer, happy Halloween.

Happy Halloween, may you have lots of fun and treats.

Happy Halloween, may your pumpkins be carved and lit and candies be the yummiest.

Hey don’t get bitten by a vampire or turn into a mummy this spooktacular day

May this day fulfill all your wildest dreams, Happy Halloween.

Wishing you a frightful night and a delightful time trick or treating, Happy Halloween.

May you be filled with scary ghost stories and tricks up your sleeves, Happy Halloween.

Happy Halloween, have a great time trick or treating and a spooktacular outfit.

Happy Halloween Gif

Spread some cheer with spectacular spooks with cheerful animated Halloween gifs with your near and dear ones.

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Happy Halloween Gif

Happy Halloween Gif
Happy Halloween Gif

Halloween Video Status



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