Hanukkah, a widely known festival in Europe, US, UK and Australia, but not so common in India. It is very rare to see Hanukkah celebrated in India because it is a Jewish festival and we have hardly any Jews in our country.

Even though it’s very rare to see Jewish faithful, but occasionally you will see them at Jewish synagogues located in Pune, Mumbai and Kochi to name a few. 

Hanukkah – Festival of Lights

Hanukkah is a festival of lights celebrated for 8 days, beginning on the 25th day of Kislev according to the Hebrew calendar. This year it will commence on 10th December and end on 18th December 2020. 

The festival begins by lighting candles on a candle holder consisting of nine handles. The candle holder is designed in such a way one candle is held below or above the other and will be used to light the other eight candles. 

Each night one candle is lit until all candles are lit on the eighth night. Hanukkah includes daily prayer services and blessing of meals, families exchange gifts and eat lavishly especially friend food and dairy. It is considered as a holiday in some parts of the world where there are many Jews, but not in India.

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Important Days

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