Hampi Utsav – Little Known Facts
Hampi one of the many places in Karnataka celebrates a grandeur festival that attracts people from all over Karnataka to take part in the auspicious occasion. Here are a few little known facts about Hampi Utsav that many people are not aware of.

Hampi Utsav Unknown Facts

  1. The town of ruins of Vijayanagara Empire is based in Hampi, UNESCO has acknowledged it as one of the world heritage sites in the country.
  2. Hampi Utsav is not celebrated on a particular date, however, it is celebrated every year in November on a grand scale.
  3. Hampi Utsav is a festival which plays an integral part of the life of its people in Hampi, Karnataka
  4. Thousands of people every year visit Hampi to partake in the historical festival
  5. The festival includes contests such as wrestling, village sports, water sports and trekking to heritage sites
  6. Janapada Kalavahini showcases a concert of traditional folk songs popular in the region of Hampi, and the light and sound show as well are unique attractions tourists love to partake in.
  7. The festival date is decided by the government of Karnataka and takes place for three whole days
  8. The three festival offers a wonderful shopping experience for those who love handicrafts and other items particular to the region, they offer perfect souvenirs for those who have traveled from out of the state.
  9. Reaching the festival hotspot is quite a task as the nearest railway station is 13 kilometers away and the airport is in another town called Hubli.
  10. There are approximately 31 tourist attractions in Hampi for all those who would like to explore

Now that you know about the festival of Hampi Utsav, keep an eye out for the festival dates which will be announced by the Karnataka government and block your dates to travel. I’m sure it will be spectacular and you wouldn’t want to miss it.

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