Dandia Dance: We have all seen and marvelled at the amazing folk dance called dandiya, where men and women of all ages and walks of life dressed in vibrant outfits dance in unison to lively music. Let us learn more about Dandia Dance.

Dandia Dance – Iconic dance of Navratri

Dandiya among other dances are popularly seen and actively participated in during the 9 night and 10-day festival called Navaratri which is observed in the month of October. 
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Origin of Dandia Dance

Originating in the state of Gujarat and performed by religious across the country, the dance involves an equal number of men and women in a group and have 2 arm-length sticks in each hand in order to perform the dance. 

The dance style

There are two lines of people generally formed where they typically move clockwise. Each person steps forward according to the beat of the music to hit the stick of their partner and moves on two people. Once the line comes to an end, each turns and joins the opposite line so that the dance can continue. 

Generally, the music and beat starts off slowly and called the Kaherva, you begin by hitting your two sticks together on the first beat, followed by the right stick with your partner and then left stick. Each participant then turns away to their left to hit their own sticks together before turning back to the partner to hit right sticks again, this is followed by ahead on two places to a new partner all while keeping up with the pace of the music and the beat.

The music then picks up the pace and the whole dance is invigorating and amazing to watch the rapid movement and synchronization of all the people performing the dance. 

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Dandia Dance – The Traditions Of Dandiya